It’s a Wonderful Life

In the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, George Bailey taught us a great deal about the power of appreciating what you have.  One of the other lessons, learned by George, was taught by the husband of Zuzu’s teacher, after George had loudly and unfairly blamed the teacher for Zuzu’s illness.


Far too often administrators, community members, politicians and parents will follow the path of George Bailey, and blame teachers for the ills of our children.  Teachers make mistakes…of that I am certain. Let only those who have never made a mistake cast stones upon our teachers. Which is to say that none should be throwing stones.  And for those who, sometimes angrily and loudly, declare that mistakes have been made, or that things are done wrong…understand that it is possible, and perhaps likely, that the teacher has done what is right.


Let’s all take the time to thank our teachers.  And please, let’s all find a way to be kind to the teachers that care so much, every day, for our children.  Some who have given up teaching for the evils of administration, still feel like teachers, and care about children like a teacher…maybe give them a chance as well…it can only help us all be better for kids.

Zuzu said…”Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”  I’m betting that Zuzu is right. I would also wager that if there is a line of angels waiting for their wings, it is a group of teachers in the front.  I’m sure Mrs. Martin (my 4th grade teacher) received her wings many years ago.  Sorry it took you so long to get your wings, Clarence…but everyone should be waiting if there is a teacher in that line.