All in the Family

All in the Family


This past Monday, at a special meeting, the Board of Education made an important decision.  In order to better recognize the fact that our district is comprised of two vibrant and distinctive Valley communities, our district will now be named the “Upper Rio Grande School District C-7”. 


Del Norte and South Fork are easily the two best places to live here in the San Luis Valley, and they have always been family as it pertains to our school district.  Many may not know that, until Monday, the Del Norte School District was actually using two different names: for the I.R.S. - “Rio Grande County School District C-7”, and for CDE - “Del Norte School District C-7”.  We will now be using only one name:  “Upper Rio Grande School District C-7”.


The current elementary school will remain “Del Norte Elementary School”, and the current Junior high/high school will remain “Del Norte Jr./Sr. High School”.  The new district name will pay full respect to both the Town of South Fork and the Town of Del Norte, as important family members of the Upper Rio Grande School District C-7.  As we plan for the future growth of our district, we are discussing and planning for the placement of a school in South Fork.  Whether it becomes “South Fork Elementary”, “South Fork K-8, or even “South Fork High School”, we will be prepared.


Very soon, we will once again offer an “activity bus”, which will help students and parents who sometimes have difficulty with transportation from after-school events, sports, and activities.  We have a fantastic transportation department, and we intend to make sure that all students can participate in extra-curricular activities.


Some of you may have heard me say this, but for those who haven’t, let me say it again: “we are coming after all the kids who live in our great district”.  We plan to earn our place here by proving that the schools in the Upper Rio Grande School District are the best in the Valley.  We have worked hard these past two plus years to re-create a school that is safe for all students.  Our students are working hard every day, they are kind, and they are learning how to take control of their own learning and behaviors.  It is working … I sincerely invite you to come and see for yourself.