Hello Tiger Families,

This is an important update with regard to after school sports and activities, and while it applies  primarily to Jr/Sr High School students, all parents and students will find this information helpful.

The Governor, working through CHSAA, postponed some fall activities, and created a schedule that does not allow any high school activities to take place from October to December.  According to the Governor's office and CHSAA, this decision was made largely because State medical advisors to the Governor have predicted a large spike in Covid19 cases during this time.  Currently, there is a group of Superintendents working to have the Governor and CHSAA reconsider this decision.  Other local decisions have been made as a result of the Governor's shut-down of activities, including the cancellation of the remaining fall sports at URGSD (cross country and golf).  

Until January 4th, CHSAA is only allowing voluntary workouts, much in the style of "open-gym" that we have in the off-seasons and Summer.  Administration at URGSD does not fully agree with the decisions made at the State level, but we feel compelled to do our best to adhere to the order. 

URGSD has provided an online option for student learning this year so that parents who are concerned about their students attending in-person learning, can still have their students receive an education at home.  Students who are staying home to avoid possible Covid19 exposure, will not be able to attend any of the voluntary workouts at this time.  We cannot find any rational reason that a student would stay home during the day to avoid Covid19, and then come to school in the afternoon to participate in athletic activities.  The possibility of Covid19 exposure is just as prevalent during after school activities, as it is during the school day.  

For this reason, after school athletics and extra-curricular activities will temporarily only be available to students who are attending in-person learning.  Students who were home-schooled prior to the beginning of the Covid19 crisis should contact Athletic Director - Richie Madrid, and  will be considered on a case by case basis.