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Bev Bell

Special Education

DAILY SCHEDULE & LESSON PLANS: (click any of the subjects below to access the daily lessons)

  • 1st PERIOD (7:45 - 8:55) -- TRANSITIONAL MATH
  • 2nd PERIOD (9:15 - 10:25) -- TRANSITIONAL READING
  • 3rd PERIOD (10:30 - 11:40) -- PLAN
  • 4th PERIOD (11:45 - 12:55) -- TRANSITION
  • 5th PERIOD (1:35 - 2:45) -- TRANSITIONAL MATH
  • 6th PERIOD (2:50 - 4:00) -- TRANSITIONAL READING



I enjoy sewing, cooking, decorating, doing projects on my home, reading, working with young lives, and fishing. My favorite music is R and B. I graduated on the National Dean's List from the University of New Mexico while working and raising my 5 sons. My favorite moments are spending time with my family. I've taught at Del Norte High School for 14 years and I can honestly say it owns a piece of my heart. I love this place and I love the community of Del Norte. I appreciate the opportunity to get to spend my days with the youth of Del Norte.

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