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I am lucky to be teaching at Del Norte School District since 2004. I teach Physical Science, Earth Science, Physics and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at the High School. I received my Bachelor of Science in Geology and my Masters in Secondary Science Education. My most important objective as a teacher and mentor is to challenge and inspire my students to think about their world, and indeed their universe, in new ways and with a scientific perspective. Regardless of content, I also think that students should leave their classes with skills that they will use in their everyday lives. These basic skills include problem solving and critical thinking, research and writing proficiency, and effective communication ability. I have designed all of my classes to include components that impart these skills. These are skills that students can transfer into any career choice. Outside the classroom, I spend time with my amazing family. My husband, Aaron, and son, Corbin, enjoy skiing in the winter, hiking, biking, fishing and rafting. This summer we went on a river trip down the San Juan River, hiked a section of the Colorado Trail and summited a few fourteeners. This winter we will spend time enjoying the snow at Wolf Creek Ski Area, and in the backcountry on Wolf Creek Pass. Corbin will continue racing with the Wolf Creek Ski Team and travel to a few nearby races. I am grateful that I can live and work so close to the mountains and river.

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